1. Welcome to the Mann Gulch Virtual Field Trip

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Above: This photograph shows the slope where the tragic events of August 5, 1949 took place. In his book, Young Men and Fire, Norman Maclean describes Mann Gulch as a place "where the struggle between mountains and plains came face to face."

Below: This photo was taken from the head of Mann Gulch, looking toward the southwest. The barren slope on the right is where the Mann Gulch Fire ended the lives of the 13 men. At the bottom of the gulch the Missouri River winds its way through the "Gates of the Mountains Wilderness". If it weren't for the ridge, the river might be visible from this vantage point.

The purpose of this site is to share photographs with those of you who already know the story of Mann Gulch as told by Maclean in Young Men and Fire. I hope that you gain a better appreciation for the tragedy of the Mann Gulch Fire as you go through this 15-page "virtual field trip".

Rod Benson, Helena High School Science Department (Helena is about 25 miles south of Mann Gulch.)


2. NEXT: Mann Gulch on the Missouri River
3. Hiking Mann Gulch
4. The C-47
5. August 5th, 1949
6. The Final Journey Begins
7. Fire Crosses the Gulch.
8. The Blow-Up.
9. The race is on.
10. Dodge sets an escape fire.
11. Views from the Ridge.
12. The Crevice
13. Rescue Gulch
14. The Morning After
15. The Men of Mann Gulch
16. More About Mann Gulch

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